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Gift Basket Ideas for Men

Gift Basket Ideas for Men

Wednesday, Jun 3, 2015

Despite gift baskets normally being marketed towards women, creating a gift basket that is filled with items that men will use is a great way to sell your goods.

Planning your Cosmetic Gift Kits

Planning your Cosmetic Gift Kits

Monday, Jun 1, 2015

If your business creates or sells cosmetics and you want to improve sales, then selling bespoke cosmetic kits is a great idea.

Boost your summer sales with a holiday gift basket

By putting together a selection of goods that can be used by people on their summer holidays or during the warmest part of the year, you can easily boost your sales.

How to preserve a gift basket of perishable goods

Food hampers and baskets filled with flowers and cosmetics make brilliant gifts, but problems can arise from perishable products that could go off before being purchased or gifted.

Should all your gift baskets be identical?

When using gift baskets to boost your sales, you may be deliberating whether it is better for all your baskets to be identical or whether each one should have different contents. While identical gift baskets can be easier to assemble and manage, creating a range of different baskets containing different products can help increase your business’ sales.

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