Suitable for any price range, gift baskets are the perfect way to spread Christmas joy around the office.

Tuesday, Nov 8, 2016 | Post by Kelly

Looking for a cheerful secret Santa present? Or perhaps you want to express appreciation or acknowledge achievement towards a colleague? Christmas gifts are great for encouraging employee engagement, as well as a goodwill tool… And what better way to share Christmas spirt than with a diverse gift basket?


So what's good to include in a corporate gift basket? Sometimes a simple food hamper is the perfect gift to give when saying thank you for hard work. This can be a gourmet traditional hamper (with fine cheese and crackers), but if you know the recipient loves chocolate, why not theme it completely? Adding a bottle of wine also provides extra cheer! Maybe your desk neighbour is obsessed with tea and is always the first one to offer a cuppa, create an afternoon tea basket! Or if there’s a stationery office thief about, fill a basket with notepads, pens and so on to ensure they’re fully equipped for the New Year…

Whatever theme is opted for, it will be unique and created thoughtfully which is the perfect value to have when gift gifting, especially in a corporate environment when things usually seem a little more ‘serious’.

See our selection of Christmas Themed DIY Gift Kits by clicking here. Don’t forget to share you creations with us on Twitter or Facebook and use #YourGiftBasket!

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