Maximise brand impact and drive increased sales through POS displays.

Friday, Sep 23, 2016 | Post by Kelly

Point of sale displays should not be underestimated. They are intended to carry a strong call-to-action(s), namely to prompt the consumer to enquire further about your product/service or to create the urgency and need of an impulse purchase. Providing a range of varied POS options, including a mixture of counter stands, pavement signs and menu boards, allows for the best optimisation.

Many shoppers participate in impulse buying, in fact 5 out of 6 admit to spontaneous spending, so the placement and timing of POS displays is essential to result in success. The ideal positioning of a countertop display is near to the checkout as consumers are already in the mind frame of purchasing, as well as next to windows and at the entrance to grab attention.

Product exposure can be achieved with aesthetically appealing POS baskets, trays and crates available on Your Gift Basket. Suitable as countertop units, the size of the baskets/crates are perfect for displaying fast moving products (beauty items, food, souvenirs, etc.). A unique way to create POS displays is also whilst exhibiting at shows, our crates can be stacked and filled with products to creatively allure visitors!

Click here to see our current range of baskets and crates.


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