Focusing on quality time and the joy of being together, putting together a ‘cheap date’ gift basket for your one and only this Valentine’s Day is a great way to win their heart.

Friday, Feb 5, 2016 | Post by Jo Grumbridge
While many feel the need to spend a small fortune on their special someone on Valentine’s Day, it really is the thought that counts, and often the most thoughtful gifts are the ones that revolve around spending precious time together.
A ‘cheap date’ gift basket that includes everything you need to spend a cosy evening in together may not necessarily be the cheapest gift you’ve ever purchased, but it is probably one of the most thoughtful. Struggling to think of ideas? Here’s our suggestions of what to include.
Choose a selection of romantic films that you know they’ll enjoy. Classics, such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Notting Hill, Ghost, and Atonement are all beautifully romantic films. Alternatively, pick a selection from their favourite genre, whether it’s horror, crime, or comedy, so they’ll be thoroughly entertained.
A nice cosy blanket to snuggle together under while on the sofa is a must for your Valentine’s Day. Choose a romantic print, either hearts or doves, or pink or red coloured blankets to match the theme of the day. Roll the blanket and tie with a pretty ribbon for presentation.
Food and Drink
Popcorn is the obvious snack for a movie filled day or evening and you can find a delicious range of flavours in supermarkets that can easily be added to your gift selection. Pic ‘n’ Mix and chocolate also make great snacks for watching films, but be sure to also have dinner arrangements organised as well. Cook a meal or order in their favourite dishes for a simple and relaxed evening.
Flowers and Candles
The scene can be set by including flowers and candles. Choose a mix of scented and non-scented candles that can be lit on the evening and remember that fresh flowers should be the last thing placed in the basket and are best purchased the day of, or the day before celebrating.
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