With 2016 welcoming an early Easter, January is prime time for small businesses to get organised and complete planning for their Easter seasonal sales.

Monday, Jan 25, 2016 | Post by Jo Grumbridge
As a busy retail period, it is worthwhile for small to medium sized businesses to find ways to seasonally boost their sales this Easter. Making the most of a period where people spend more can be a way to recover for any drop in profits after the January sales, and this year can be a nice end to Q1. 
Using gift baskets to boost sales is a quick and simple way to increase profits, and is especially useful to retailers working with limited annual budgets.
No need to buy in extra stock
The only extra items you’ll need to buy is the gift baskets and decorations, as you can fill your baskets with your existing stock. This means that you don’t have to invest heavily to increase your profits.
Fill your baskets with items that you already sell that are suitable for Easter. Seasonal stock, like Easter eggs and decorations, mixed with non-seasonal goods make a unique and enjoyable gift.
Easy to prepare
Even if you, or your staff, aren’t particularly creative, you will still be able to make beautiful gift baskets, as they are incredibly easy to prepare. If purchased with coloured shredding, pull bows, cellophane bags, and gift cards, then you don’t even have to worry about how to decorate as you have everything you need.
Flexible to your customers
With gift baskets, you don’t have to worry about selling all of your stock straight away, as you can easily sell the baskets throughout the rest of the year, especially at Christmas. Likewise, as the baskets are simple to prepare, you can easily put more together when demand is high.
Gift baskets are not only a great way to boost sales at Easter, but can also be used to increase profit throughout the year. From Mother’s Day and Christmas, to birthdays and engagements, you can always use gift hampers and baskets to increase sales and provide your customers with a special product.
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