If this is the year that you’re popping the big question to your loved one, then why not consider using a gift basket to do so?

Wednesday, Jan 20, 2016 | Post by Jo Grumbridge
Hiding a ring underneath a pile of presents in a gift basket or hamper is an incredibly romantic way to propose, especially if you’re going to do so on Valentine’s Day. If you’re planning a proposal and are looking for ways to make it unique, try our gift basket proposal and fill your basket with the following items.
A Polaroid Camera
Keep lasting memories of the moment with a Polaroid or disposable camera. Pictures from the proposal can then be used to decorate the engagement party and wedding, or added to a special photo album of your relationship.
Including something to toast the engagement is an excellent idea. A bottle of bubbly can be popped as soon as they say yes, or can be saved for a later date.
A Few of Their Favourite Things
Throw them off the scent by adding a few little gifts that they will adore. Perfume, make up, a watch, or small gadgets will make your basket appear like a well-thought-out Valentine’s Day gift rather than a proposal.
A card expressing your love is a keepsake that can be kept forever. Handwrite a personal message and make the card yourself if you’re crafty.
The Ring
Don’t forget to add the ring to the selection otherwise your proposal could end up going wrong. If you’re planning on leaving the gift basket somewhere in the lead up to the proposal, then it is probably a good idea to keep the ring on your person to avoid misplacing it. You can always try and slip the ring box into the basket when your partner is focusing on opening one of their gifts.
Your Gift Basket sell a wonderful range of baskets in a selection of sizes that are perfect for special occasions, including proposals! Browse our website to see our selection, or get in touch with a member of our team by calling +44 1234 88 0310 to find out more about our products.
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